Tackling Youth Unemployment In Edmonton

Tackling Youth Unemployment In Edmonton
Jointhe Discussion to Make an Impact
Date 27 July 2020
Time: 7Pm
Location: Online ZOOM

Black young people age 16 to 24 years old experienced long-term unemployment after the 2008 financial crash. As a youth and community activist for the past 40 years, I have realized that serious consequences will arise if youth unemployment remains obstinately high and if young people are alienated from mainstream education or training. My previous experiences have shown me that if school leavers become unemployed on a long-term basis, they will become disenfranchised from society and most times end up becoming vulnerable to criminal activities.

Therefore, I organisIng a zoom meeting to invite training organisations, apprenticeship providers, colleges, employers to discuss the need to develop a strategy to tackle youth unemployment in Edmonton. Unfortunately, due to the Government’s austerity budget cuts, we were unable to provide the adequate support that disadvantaged hard to reach young people needed; tailored to the pre-entry ICT and employability skills training which would enable them to become employable in the digital economy. This has led to serious youth violence occurring in Edmonton and young people losing their lives― many were stabbed to death.
Please join our discussion on the 27 July 7 PM


1) Tackling Youth Unemployment In Edmonton
2) Black youth unemployment is 3 times higher than white young people
4) Lack of support for young people living in Edmonton
5} Working in Collaboration To Tackle Youth Unemployment
5) Establish a training & Enterprise network to share ideas best
practice and work in partnership to combat the chronic youth unemployment in Edmonton