Systemic Racism: Local Level

Systemic Racism: Local Level
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Date 18 June 2020
Time: 1Pm
Location: Online ZOOM

The racist murder of George Floyd has caught the mood of the nation. Leading the charge for justice and equality, Black Lives Matter has created a global platform for people to protest and to explore the devastating effects of racism on the lives of people of African descent. In places like the USA and the UK, Black people continue to experience systemic racism that has blighted many lives.

Given the current climate, there needs to be a national conversation about systemic racism in education, employment, housing and at a local level in Enfield and other neighbouring boroughs where members of the black community are experiencing similar issues.
Consequently, Enfield Caribbean Connexions is having an online meeting on the 18 June. Again, the plan is to discuss how we can come together collectively to tackle systemic racism at a local level

In September 2019, we organised a meeting to discuss the killing of Julio Gomes, a young man who was fatally stabbed in Edmonton. It was also an opportunity to air our grievances with the local councillor. It was pointed out that Edmonton’s black community had become marginalised and that Enfield Council had failed to address the socio-economic issues impacting on that community.

The discussion also examined the lack of support for young black people, especially school leavers. In 2014, research revealed that 50% of young people were not in education or training. As a consequence, these disaffected, unemployed young people were left to wonder the streets.
At the time of the meeting, the local councillor had agreed to address the list of issues raised with Enfield Council members. Unfortunately, to date, noting has been done.

We have therefore organised a follow up meeting to ensure that outstanding issues are addressed, with achievable outcomes. With the spotlight on “Black Lives Matter”, which is calling for change, this is the perfect time to tackle systemic racism on a local level and in the wider society.

Please join us on 18 June at 1pm via Zoom (registration required below).

AGENDA: Working With The Local Authority

1) Local Authority Engagement With the Black Community:
Decision-Making That Affects Us Socially and Economically;
2) Black Pupils and High School Exclusions;
3) High Youth Unemployment (3 Times Higher Than Young White People);
4) Poor Housing.

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